How To Treat Arthritis In Elbow

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Arthritis in elbow joints takes place when the cartilage inside your elbow becomes damaged or worn. This can make it painful to carry out everyday tasks that involve you bending your arm. We’ve put together a guide that goes through the treatment plan for elbow arthritis to help you feel better prepared before you visit your doctor.

Treatment for elbow arthritis

In many cases of elbow arthritis, specialists first try conservative treatments that have been proven to reduce arthritis pain. A treatment plan is then devised based on your specific needs for therapy. The majority of patients will experience results through the following non-invasive treatment options:

• Corticosteroid injections: Also known as steroid injections, corticosteroid injections are inflammatory medicines used to treat a wide range of conditions including joint pain and elbow arthritis pain

• Activity modification: This is a lifestyle change that could help relieve the symptoms of elbow arthritis and improve your overall well-being

• Applying heat or ice to the area of inflammation

• Anti-inflammatory or pain medication

• Educate the patient about symptom management

If these 5 methods do not provide you with sufficient relief, then surgery would be recommended. Again, your doctor and consultant will try to use minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat your elbow arthritis.

Elbow arthritis surgery

If your elbow arthritis pain does not allow you to carry out daily activities properly, then you could be a candidate for elbow arthritis surgery. This surgery includes arthroscopic procedures, elbow replacement, and reconstruction of tendons and muscles.

Arthroscopic procedure

This procedure allows your surgeon to make a small incision to the elbow and insert a flexible component called an arthroscope. This allows your surgeon to see the joints, bones, and soft tissues in your elbow. The surgeon will then repair structures of your elbow and remove the damaged ones through this incision. With the arthroscopic procedure, there is less pain and faster recovery times.

Elbow replacement

To allow patients to experience a range of mobility, surgeons can perform an elbow replacement procedure. In this procedure, the parts of the elbow are replaced with artificial parts. Not only will this restore mobility, but will also eliminate or significantly reduce pain.

After surgery, your arm will be in a cast for a few weeks. You’ll need to ice and elevate your arm after surgery to minimise swelling.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Andrew Chambler and his team by completing the contact form for more guidance and support on treating and managing elbow arthritis.

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