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Join us as Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Andrew Chambler takes you through the common problems that occur with your shoulder throughout your life.
About this event

You can experience problems with your shoulders at any age, with our Consultants seeing patients across a variety of age groups. This includes:

Young adults, who have experienced a sports injury, such as those who have dislocated their shoulder, or the joint between their collar bone and their shoulder blade.
Adults who enjoy sports – including cyclists, jockeys and skiers who may have experienced a fracture. Our surgeons also see patients who have reached middle age and therefore start to experience problems with their tendons which can become inflamed or tear, due to general use or as a result of a specific injury, such as a fall. Other problems specific to the shoulder include frozen shoulder, which often occurs spontaneously and can cause pain and restricted movement of the shoulder(s). This is also a common problem in patients who are diabetic.
Elderly adults – who may run into other age-related problems. Our consultants also see many elderly patients who have arthritis, and those patients may need a joint replacement.
In this live event, we will talk to you all about the shoulder, the different problems that may occur at different ages and how to manage the symptoms, plus we will cover the new technology available at BMI Bath Clinic.

If you are struggling with shoulder pain or stiffness, Mr Andrew Chambler will help you to understand your diagnosis.

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