International Practice

Dr Andrew Chambler is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who is internationally recognised for his wide-reaching work. With an overseas base at the prestigious Royal Bahrain Hospital, Dr Chambler is also in demand as a speaker at shoulder surgery conferences around the world.

Royal Bahrain Hospital

Dr. Chambler leads the Shoulder Management/conditions of the Orthopedics Department, which is accredited with Diamond Status by the NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority) and is noted for the outstanding professionalism of its doctors and nurses, as well as its state of the art equipment.

In overseeing the department’s diagnosis, treatment and management of shoulder and elbow disorders, Dr Chambler’s areas of focus include shoulder pain and sports injuries, advanced arthroscopic surgery and shoulder replacement surgery.

The specialist treatments provided by elbow and shoulder surgeon Dr Chambler at Royal Bahrain Hospital include shoulder and elbow arthroplasty, tendinopathies and sports injuries. He also plays a key role in education and research at the institution in his positions as a peer reviewer for journals and faculty for arthroscopic elbow and shoulder courses.

Offering patients the expertise of world-renowned consultants and specialists such as Dr Chambler, the Royal Bahrain Hospital continues to be one of the medical care leaders in the Gulf region. Being part of the KIMS Group, patients at the Royal Bahrain Hospital are afforded unmatched access to the highest quality medical aid, utilising the most sophisticated technology.

King Hamad University Hospital Bahrain

Mr Chambler has been invited due to his expertise in upper limb conditions to help manage complex shoulder and elbow problems in Bahrain at King Hamad University Hospital.


International speaking engagements

Dr Chambler fulfils international speaking engagements, contributing to agenda-setting thought leadership programmes which discuss key issues in the related medical sector. His roles as an invited speaker and lecturer have taken him around the globe, including to events such as 2018’s International Advanced Shoulder Symposium, which took place at HULS:CMH in Lahore, India.


Forthcoming speaking engagements

Dr Chambler is scheduled to speak at the following future events:

First Bahrain International Shoulder and Knee Meeting (BISK) – 15th February 2019

On Shoulder Day, which takes place on Friday, 15th February 2019, the First Bahrain International Shoulder and Knee Meeting (BISK) will be held. Dr Chambler will speak on a range of topics, including ‘Anterior Instability: Soft Tissue Labral Repair’ and ‘Posterior Instability’.


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