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Mr AFW Chambler BSc MBBS MS FRCS FRCS(Orth) Specialist Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon Executive Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon of Sulis Hospital Bath

Mr Chambler has been a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the United Kingdom for the past 13 years. He qualified from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, part of Imperial College London. Embarking on his surgical career, his interest soon became Orthopaedics and in particular shoulder and elbow surgery, being awarded his Masters of Surgery degree in this area by the University of London in 2000.

He gained his Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship with Professor Carr in Oxford and has since been awarded travelling fellowships by the British Elbow & Shoulder Society within the United Kingdom and Europe as well as to the world renowned Mayo Clinic in the United States of America.


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  • Having had undiagnosed Haemochromatosis for most of my life, I was unaware of the damage being done to my joints. I was referred to Mr Chambler when the restricted movement, and increasing pain in my right shoulder had got to an unacceptable state. Silly things like being unable to raise my arm high enough to use deodorant, spilling drinks due to the jerkiness in my shoulder, and having to sleep with my arm in a very specific position if I didn't want it to ache at night made things very difficult. Mr Chambler quickly diagnosed the situation and suggested a shoulder replacement would be the appropriate treatment. After fully describing the planned operation, and detailing the pros and cons (pain gone and movement restored against a short time recovering) we agreed to proceed with the shoulder replacement procedure. The operation was carried out and after an overnight stay I returned home the following day with little to show other than a plaster on my shoulder over the operated area, a sling and painkillers. I was able to use my right hand throughout, obviously limited by the requirements of the recovery. I had been given a full set of instructions on how to manage the recovery, along with a detailed set of exercises to carry out, which I diligently followed, as this is crucial to a full and swift recovery. After a couple of days I no longer needed any pain killers and by following the exercise plan to the letter my recovery was incredible. Within a couple of weeks I was able to fully use the arm, and was driving 2-3 weeks after the operation. The ongoing support process involved a few odd day visits to physiotherapy, who provided me with additional extension and strengthening exercises. Carrying these out restored me to 95% of full movement within 6 months. A year on I have almost forgotten about the operation, am totally pain free and have full movement in my shoulder. even the scar is difficult to see. The whole process has been incredibly slick and supportive throughout, with Mr Chambler taking the lead. His professionalism alongside an excellent "bedside manner" has kept me fully informed on what to expect, what has happened and how my recovery will progress. Many thanks.

    Richard C.
  • Over the last six months I have received outstanding care and support at CircleBath. The administration of the various consultations and admissions has been excellent, the clinical care and attention has been first rate and critically, the outcome of the two major shoulder replacement operations has far exceeded my expectations. My local physiotherapist states that she has never seen such a good outcome from shoulder replacement surgery. Throughout the above period, it has been a pleasure to have been supported by so many healthcare professionals at CircleBath, all working together as a team. I would have no hesitation in choosing CircleBath again for any future surgery and would recommend unreservedly to others the excellent services at CircleBath. I hope that this is what you are after. Again, with very many thanks and best wishes.

    Nigel N M C Chambers
  • Many thanks for your expertise in repairing my shoulder and elbow injuries.

  • I had been having problems with my shoulder for many months, it was affecting my work and causing many sleepless nights. Initial visits to my local Doctors surgery did not come up with any results. After being referred to Mr Andrew he quickly diagnosed the problem and an ultrasound was scheduled for confirmation. A date was then set for keyhole surgery which went smoothly and recovery time was minimal. After spending so many months in discomfort it was great to have normal use of my arm back. In short, I would highly recommend Mr Andrew Chambler and his team to help solve any shoulder issues.

    Jenifer B.
  • Treated with care and empathy. Thank you. Mr Chambler is a wonderful doctor, my last shoulder surgery gave me my life back. Can't thank him enough.

    Patient review via feedback card
  • It is now over nine months post my shoulder stabilisation surgery, and I would deem it a complete success. All symptoms have now subsided and I am back to full physical fitness. I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Chambler and his excellent team. I would highly recommend the, as well as Circle Bath Hospital. Thank You.

  • Dr Chambler is fantastic, he has done both of my operations this year. He is very professional and caring, he gave me all the info and advice I needed. The staff are very caring and friendly. Overall experience was great. Thank you so much Dr Chambler.

    Stephanie W
  • I opted to have the surgery and my experience at Circle was fantastic. In many ways, it feels more like a hotel than a hospital. I had explained to Andrew that I would prefer not to stay overnight if possible, and he did everything he could to accommodate me. He had me first on his list for the day, and by 6pm I was able to go home. Andrew had stayed later specifically to check that I was well enough to go home, which was incredibly kind of him and greatly appreciated.   Andrew is charming and puts you at ease, even when you are dealing with something like a serious shoulder injury. Following the surgery, I needed to keep my arm in a sling for 4 weeks, which I have to admit was frustrating. However, the recovery process went exactly as Andrew had described, and 6 months down the road my shoulder was back to pretty much normal. There are some things I have needed to change as a result of my injury, like not lifting very heavy weights, but the surgery has really given me back almost full function in my shoulder. I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.

    Robert B
  • Andrew was incredibly polite, very informative and explained everything to me very clearly. He used a model of the elbow to talk me through exactly what the problem was, and how the different treatment options could help stop my pain and give me my function back in the right arm again. As I had been struggling with the pain for such a long time, I knew that it was unlikely to go away by itself so decided to have surgery. This was simple to arrange, and I have to say that booking in to Circle on the day of the operation was exceptionally easy. The Circle staff took great care of both me and my husband, who had come with me. Once Andrew had done the operation and I was awake again I could tell that the chronic pain had gone, just like that. It was amazing. Understandably I was sore from the surgery, but it was so much better than my previous pain. Once Andrew had checked everything was looking good, I was able to go home the same day, with my arm in a special sling for a few weeks. The painkillers I had been prescribed at Circle really were good and any pain was managed very well. I had a couple of physiotherapy sessions two weeks later, to help me start getting my strength and mobility back. When you’re struggling with chronic pain and not moving your arm as much as normal, you don’t realise how much weaker your muscles become. Ice packs and plenty of rest also helped. I am very grateful to Andrew for his help. My arm is now pretty much back to normal. Having trained myself to become left-handed as the pain in my right arm got worse, it is great being able to use my right arm once again!

    Gail O
  • My recovery times from both operations matched what Andrew had told me to expect. After about 6 months, the shoulder was feeling much better, and after 12 months I was pretty much back to full mobility and function.  I have horses, so need to be quite physically active. Before my shoulder replacements, I wasn’t able to lift much at all. Nowadays, I can carry buckets, lift hay bales and do anything I need to, all without any pain or stiffness.  My experience at Circle has been great and I would recommend it without a second thought; the staff and facilities are excellent. I have to say that Andrew is the nicest man I have ever met. He is kind and I would recommend him to anyone. I would also recommend shoulder replacement surgery to anybody who needs it – it has made such a difference to my life. 

    Carol M

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