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As of 1 June 2021, Circle (Bath) Ltd has been acquired by the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust.
A wholly-owned subsidiary is a corporation with 100% of its shares held by another corporation, the parent company. ​
In this case, the RUH now owns 100% of the shares of our organisation.

New name and New Identity
The name Sulis Hospital derives from Aquae Sulis, which was the Roman name for Bath. Sulis was ‘the life-giving goddess of healing and wellness’ whose therapeutic thermal springs could cure physical or spiritual suffering and illness.

The logo takes inspiration from the patterns displayed within Roman architecture. ​It takes inspiration from the patterns displayed within Roman architecture. It also illustrates an embrace of two people​ and highlights the letter as a reference to our name.

What does this mean for patients?

There will be no change for patients

Will my appointment or scheduled surgery be changed, postponed or cancelled?

All our care pathways remain in place. There are no planned alterations or cancellations of any appointments or procedures.

Will there be any changes to the cost of my care?

There are no changes in any of our pricing. Additionally there are no changes to our private patient terms and conditions.

Can I transfer my care to Sulis Hospital, Bath now that the RUH has acquired the facility?

The Sulis Hospital, Bath remains its own entity and the existing referrals pathways are unchanged. If you are an NHS patient you must be referred via the electronic referral system (ERS) via your GP. ​

All private patients can enquire about our services as normal.

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